ConExSys is a real-time interactive web management tool used by our customers, engineers and call centre staff:

How does CONEXSYS interact ?

Customers can place installation and service requests directly onto our booking management software and track the job via the ConExSys traffic light status report. They can see all history recorded between our booking centre and the vehicle user. Once the job is booked with one of our FCS FITAS Award Winning engineers each job is visible upon their PDA devices which is used to close the job down once complete, this in turn updates the job status automatically which is visible in real time to the customer.


What makes CONEXSYS different?

iConex makes the difference. iConex is a web based job closure system that was initially developed to manage rapidly changing customer requirements ensuring our nationwide engineering force complied to these requirements and fitted equipment to the same standard across the country at all times .
iConex currently comprises of over 32 different job sheets ranging in complexity from pre and post checks with basic customer sign off and comments to full multi stock and serial tracking asset management close down forms.


CONEXSYS + iCONEX, a winning combination

All data captured from the initial booking and engineer allocation process plus all the data and pictures captured by the engineer in the field come together in a clear and easy to read multi page job sheet with customer sign off available to our customers at the click of a button.